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The 80% question: why don’t they book me?

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You have built your own portfolio. You have developed a unique voice through your wedding photography. Everything seems to have come into place, gradually and with lots of work: Your website, your album samples, your award winning gorgeous photos. But then, requests are a few. Calls are minimal and cold. Everyone is price shopping. Leads are a sparingly few yet not what you hoped for. Everyone blames the economy, the unethical prices of competition, the “grey market” and everything in-between. Is there a missing element? Why don’t they Book you? What are YOU missing? What is your own plan for finding clients? And if not having one yet, how do you actually BUILD your solid presence that makes you stand-out? Cause you probably have read about all the tactics, all the tricks and purchased all the tools. Yet you are missing a solid foundation: a STRATEGY! Let’s try to build it together. A piece at a time. Because, like at every other business, the quality of your photography is about 20% of your success. The other 80% is how savvy you are as a business person. So let’s answer the 80% question! Join us in the 8th PWS Convention.”

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Yannis Larios
Yannis Larios

I am a Certified Associate Wedding Photographer by SWPP (London), based in Athens, Greece. I am in the wedding photography business since 2010 and in landscape and travel photography since 2007. My work has been featured at acclaimed International magazines, newspapers and prominent blogs and I have worked with numerous travel-related publications. My professional background as an Electrical and Computer Engineer, Phd and my parallel expertise for more than 22 years in the professional services sector, has offered me specialties at major business aspects of photography and has helped me acquire considerable exposure (no pun intended!) to its Strategy, Business, Finance, Marketing and Sales parts. During the last two years, I have been engaged in private sessions on strategy, sales and business planning with wedding photographers.

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