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Room 1: 1 Day Workshop - Refine Your Lighting Style

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JVS will use his 20 years of experience to show you not only how to be more creative with lights, but how to make money from them. Interested in using one light to make a scene stand out? Want to make a bride look like a model in Vanity Fair? Interested in learning how to create dynamic portraits? JVS will show you how! No scene will ever look the same again after you see what is possible using JVS' signature lighting skills.

About Speaker

Joseph Victor  Stefanchik
Joseph Victor Stefanchik
There are so many ways to take a photograph, and Joseph Victor Stefanchik, known worldwide as JVS, knows how to do them all. But there are a couple things he knows better than all the rest: how to find the best light and how to capture the most important moments.
Joseph’s career as a photographer has stretched from his years as a photojournalist at the Dallas Morning News, to highly technical studio work around the country, to intricate food photography for the most demanding publications. All of these abilities help create the perfect wedding photographer. Quick enough to see a moment before it’s coming, but methodical enough to capture every detail from start to finish, Joseph blends his perfectionist personality and ability to anticipate to make sure every photograph you could ever want is taken with a precision not many can duplicate.
Joseph was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, but his favorite awards are now his happy brides and grooms. He absolutely loves being a wedding photographer, and it shows in his professionalism and unlimited energy on a wedding day.
If you'd like to familiarize yourself with Joseph's work, please visit one his websites below.
Weddings http://modernmadeweddings.com
Editorial http://josephvictorstefanchik.com
Food http://jvsstudios.com