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Connolly Ben

Associate of PWS
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After a near-fatal skydiving accident in 2002, Ben's focus moved from action photography to wedding photography. Starting in the wedding industry in 2004 with no formal training shooting wedding videos, then in 2010 making the transition to photography, he's thrived as an award-winning professional wedding and portrait photographer ever since. Ben is a Queensland based, International Wedding Photographer, Speaker, Educator and Judge.  With a unique vision and ability to use creative lighting techniques to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary, Ben has risen to Master of Photography in Europe & USA. Named Asia Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2020, 2021 & 2022 and International Cosmos Awards Top 10, Ben is also a Brand Ambassador for a number of National and International photography industry companies and a Flash Masters UK Hall of Fame Inductee in 2022 Ben’s passion extends further than just catching memories, he’s driven to think outside the box and seek out magic, one off photographs to create albums and visual stories to captivate those who choose Ben to bring their unique visions to life.