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Associate of PWS
Honor Points: 7.50

「夢境」,夢境這個字可以簡單去表達我藝術作品創作的過程。相對於一步步去構思作品如何創作,我的創作過程更加似「夢境」一樣出現得無跡可尋突然又瞬間地浮現於我腦海之中,而我只是將「腦海中已創作完成的影象」重新複製於現實世界。 - Alex Fung “Dream” may describe the creative process of my work. Comparing with step-by-step development, my process is more like a flash of “dream” in my mind, and I just create the “dream” in reality. - Alex Fung BIO 英國倫敦Influx Gallery藝術館名人堂之一及藝術家代表 Influx Gallery Hall of Fame & Featured Artist Representation with Influx Gallery, Notting Hill, London 國際攝影比賽評審及攝影大師 International Photography competition Judge & Master Photographer 世界十大婚禮攝影師 World's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland Cosmos Awards年度十大攝影師 Cosmos Awards's Top 10 Photographers of the year PPAC 國際十大攝影師 PPAC's Top 10 International Photographer AsiaWPA 年度二十大攝影師 AsiaWPA's Top 20 Photographers of the year 中國十大婚禮攝影師 China's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland 香港十大婚禮攝影師 Hong Kong's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland One Eyeland年度百大攝影師 One Eyeland's Top 100 Photographer WPE 世界百大攝影師 WPE World's Top 100 Photographer -------------------- 美國WPPI Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI) 「風景照」第1名及 Gold Distinction Award "Landscape" First Place & Gold Distinction Award 「Pre-wedding (合成)」第1名 "Pre-wedding Contemporary" First Place 「新郎新娘/模特合照:非婚禮當日」第2名 "Bridal Couple/Models Together: Non-Wedding Day" Second Place 「新娘或新郎單人:婚禮日」第3名 "Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day" Third Place -------------------- 歐洲Cosmos Awards Cosmos Awards International Photography & Videography Competition 「旅行及風景(創意)」第1名 "Creative Travel and Landscape" First Place 「婚禮細節」第1及第3名2次 "Wedding Details" First Place & Third Place 2 Times 「Pre-wedding (新人合照)」第2名 "Pre Wedding Couple Together" Second Place 「婚禮日(新人合照)」第2名 "Wedding Day Couple Together" Second Place 「Pre-wedding (創意)」第2名 "Creative Pre Wedding Composite" Second Place 「婚禮日(新娘獨照)」第2名及第3名 "Wedding Day Bride Alone" Second Place & Third Place 「婚禮日(新郎獨照)」第3名 "Wedding Day Groom Alone" Third Place 「婚禮新娘派對」第3名 "Wedding Bridal Party" Third Place 「Pre-wedding (新郎獨照)」第3名 "Pre Wedding Groom Alone" Third Place -------------------- 希臘PWS PWS Second Half Annual Competition 「婚禮日」第1名 "Wedding: On Wedding Day" First Place 「新郎單人」第1名 "Groom alone" First Place 「新娘單人」第1名 "Bride alone" First Place 「風景」第1名 "Landscape" First Place 「婚禮日」第2名 "Wedding: On Wedding Day" Second Place 「婚禮前」第2名 "Prewedding" Second Place 「風景」第2名 "Landscape" Second Place 「婚禮細節」第3名 "Wedding Details" Third Place 「婚禮日:新娘派對」第3名 "Wedding: Bridal Party" Third Place 「風景」第3名 "Landscape" Third Place -------------------- 亞洲PPAC Professional Photographers Asia Community (PPAC) 「婚禮」第1名 "Wedding" First Place 「風景」第2及3名 "Landscape" Second & Third Place -------------------- 亞洲AsiaWPA Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA) 「新娘或新郎獨照(原檔)」第2名 "Bride or Groom Single (Original)" Second Place 「新娘及新郎合照 (原檔)」第2名 "Bride & Groom Together (Original)" Second Place 「訂婚照(非婚紗禮服)」第3名 "Engagement (not in wedding gowns)" Third Place 「風景照」第3名 "Landscape" Third Place -------------------- 歐洲WPE Professional Photographers Europe Community (WPE) 「Pre-wedding (創意)」第2名 "Pre-wedding Composite" Second Place 「婚禮日(新郎獨照)」第2名 "Groom Alone Wedding Day" Second Place -------------------- 歐洲EPA Expression Photography Awards - International 「婚禮 」第2名 "Wedding" Second Place -------------------- 英國MPA及歐洲WEP得獎者 Master Photographers Association (MPA) & World Elite Photographers (WEP) Award-winning photographer 曾於英國倫敦與希臘雅典共舉行5次藝術展及受The Holy Art Gallery國際畫廊邀請於參與實體藝術展 Five times exhibition in London & Athens and selected to be physical exhibition by The Holy Art Gallery Alex總獲超過200個國際獎項。 Alex was won more than 200 International photography award.