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Dimino Salvatore

Double Master of PWS
Honor Points: 63.00

Salvatore Dimino was born in Elizabeth N.J. (USA) on 13/09/1979
Started very young and even before finishing school already
works with his father, devoting himself with great passion to
the art of photography.
At 15 he partecipate for the first time at a workshop, from there
a long series of seminars where he had the opportunity to meet
established and famous photographers in Italy and around the
After many years of expirence, (over 20) and after attending many seminars, the style of Salvatore Dimino is now unique and
unmistakable.When he operates in outside environments, attends to cature
the beauty of the details and the spontaniety of the moment.
His photos are full of atmosphere: there are mixed glimmer lights, prespectives and reflections. But behind the personal techniques acquired, the real secret of his work
is the relationship of naturalness that he is able to establish with its couples, so you can
enjoy the wedding day having a lot of fun. In this way, Salvatore Dimino manages to lighten the stress and creates situation of cheerfulness an complicity.
2013_ FIOF 4 Merit Award
2013 _ "QIP"
2013 _ "EP"
2013 - Elitè Wedding Photographers
2013 _ AWARD Wppi Associated Member
2014_ FIOF 12 Merit Award
2014 _ 2° - 3° place 4th Convention Thessaloniki
2015_ Winner "30 Rising Stars RangeFinder"
2015_  2° place Wppi - Wedding Details
2015_  2° - 3° place 5th Convention Athens
2015 _ 1° place I am Photographer in Tallin
2016 _ 3° place WPPI - Bridal Party
2016 _ 1° place Wedding Details "I am Photographer Contest"
2016 _ 1° place Wedding Reportage "I am Photographer Contest"
2016 _ 1° place Bride or Groom Alone "I am Photographer Contest"
2016 _ Best Photographer of the Year 2016  "I am Photographer Contest"
2017_Master WPPI
2017_Craftsman PWS