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Photographic Identity - Inspiration & Diversity

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Unfortunately because of the epidemic (COVID-19) all seminars are canceled .

Well-known French fashion designer Coco Chanel has said "to be irreplaceable one must always be different".
What makes a photo "different"? Can anyone recognize the creator of an image through its style, power and style?

About Speaker

John Makris
John Makris
"The word photograph literally means "writing with light". You could write a report about a circumstance, or, you could express yourself through poetry about the exact same circumstance. This exactly is John Makris' viewpoint on photography.
Born in 1989, John Makris is a professional photographer based in Athens. He studied I.T. but his love for photography proved a greater influence for his later choices. He is a self-taught photographer and through a lot of study and practice he managed to transform his favorite hobby into his current profession. Needless to say, the many seminars he has attended have contributed considerably to his progress. His great love for wedding photography led him to want to share all his knowledge and influence others too about the art of photography. This is the reason why, since 2017 he himself began teaching and conducting seminars in Greece and overseas.
His main objective, a wedding, the couple, family, man... He believes you cannot succeed in a good shot just because you are alert and quick, or because you are fully trained, or you have the latest gear or simply because you have great imagination. He believes it is the combination of all the above that makes a good shot plus realizing that since you are taking photographs of people, emotions are involved. He is positive that the most important ingredient in the success of a photographer is never ceasing to 'feed' his aesthetics through observation, study and making continuous progress.
Having shot many weddings in every nook and cranny of Greece and in many countries overseas, he has come to love wedding photography dearly. He believes it is an extraordinary way to narrate the most beautiful day of a couple's life together, to contribute in recording the story and offering the couple and their relatives a kind of special heritage.
John Makris has been awarded with a number of photography awards in Greece and on a worldwide level."